Untreated Ankle Injuries Can Lead to Bigger Problems

Untreated Ankle Injuries Can Lead to Bigger Problems

ankle-sprain2When someone twists or sprains an ankle, one of the first things many do is ice it and hope it heals. While some ignore the pain and hope the ankle will heal, ignoring it can result in serious problems.

Leaving an ankle sprain untreated can lead ankle arthritis, according to ABC News team reporter Dr. Jay Adlersberg.

One New York pedestrian recently stepped across a rocky driveway which resulted in an ankle injury. “I didn’t notice it, I just stepped right into the hole, and my foot flopped over to the left, and then it became swollen,” said Mercado. Mercado had an ankle sprain due to the accident. If ankle injuries like this are severe, they can break an ankle bone.

If you suffer from an ankle sprain, it is recommended to seek the help of a podiatrist like Dr. Donald C. Stran, DPM of Houston Foot and Ankle. Dr. Stran will ensure that your injury is evaluated properly and the appropriate treatment options are given.

How Does an Ankle Sprain Happen?

This type of injury takes place when the ligaments are torn beyond their limits. There are multiple ways that the ankle can become injured. If footing is lost or you are walking on uneven terrain, ankle damage may occur.

What are the Symptoms?

  • Mild to moderate bruising
  • Swelling
  • Discoloration of the skin

Is there a Way to Care for my Ankle at Home?

Self-care for ankle sprains includes propping the ankle up and keeping it elevated.  Some may also find that wrapping the ankle with an ACE bandage is helpful. One of the most important things is to avoid further stress to the area.

Preventing a Sprain

  • Stretching before exercises and sports
  • Knowing your limits can aid in prevention

Treatment of a Sprain

Many times, people are told to remain off their feet completely. Others are given an air cast, which will allow you to walk.  However, if the sprain is very severe, surgery may be required.

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