Selecting the Right Running Shoes Will Prevent Foot Injuries during Activities

Selecting the Right Running Shoes Will Prevent Foot Injuries during Activities

Running ShoesWhy you should ditch cushy running shoes.

Runners who choose running shoes which have a cushioned heel are forced to land on the heel. This then causes a sharper shock and adds strain on the joints such as the knee, according to sports scientist Dr. Mick Wilkinson,of Northumbria University. According to Wilkinson, flat shoes are better for you than more expensive, cushioned runners.

Editor Harry Mount of the London Daily Telegraph, notices that the US is accepting the barefoot running style; learning that humans were designed to run long distances without the need of rubbery shoes. Mount also believes that over the years the development of ethylene-vinyl acetate, or EVA is also responsible for the cushioning of soles since the 1970’s.; and frowns upon its extensive use in running shoes.

It is important to select proper running shoes when engaging in rigorous activities such as a sport or exercising. A podiatrist like Dr. Donald C. Stran, DPM of Houston Foot and Ankle will not only provide you with recommendations for the appropriate footwear to use while running but can also treat and care for all your foot injuries.

Choosing the Right Running Shoes for Your Foot Type

Running is a physical activity although fun, can put a lot of stress on the joints, bones and ligaments of the body. Injury and stress on the foot can be an important factor on which kind of shoe you’re wearing. Running shoes should be worn based on your foot type. It is important to find out what fits you based on cushioning, stability and motion.

Determining your type

Speak with a shoe specialist or retail professional to see what your foot type is. They will be able to identify and measure your arch type, stride and gait.

Running Mechanics

When you are running or walking in your shoes, every step determines how your foot is landing. Pronation is the natural rolling of your ankle from outside to inside during foot strike.

Pronation is a correct form of walking or running. It helps absorb shock and store energy from your lower extremities. Neutral runners who pronate correctly do not need specific shoes, since they have stability and control.

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