Factory Worker Says Iron Shoes Fixed his Back Pain

Factory Worker Says Iron Shoes Fixed his Back Pain

Iron ShoesZhang Fuxing, a factory worker in China, walks 15 meters a day in 440-pound iron shoes to alleviate his back pain and other conditions. Fuxing created the shoes himself, and makes similar pairs in varying weights in his factory for sale to the public. He claims that his back used to hurt so badly that it was hard for him to bend over, but that his heavy footwear has made him feel dramatically better.

“I’ve been walking with iron shoes for seven years,” Fuxing said. After they reached 400 kilograms (882 pounds), I felt very proud.” His goal is to one day make the heaviest shoes in China.

Knowing about proper foot support can help you take care of your feet as well as your whole body. To learn more, see a podiatrist like Dr. Donald C. Stran, DPM of Houston Foot and Ankle. Dr. Stran can recommend footwear that fits your needs and lifestyle.

The Importance of Proper Foot Support

Walking is an everyday function for both men and women, and in order to keep your body’s balance in order, you are going to need shoes that provide the proper kinds of support.

Poor foot support can cause pain and discomfort in the lower back, hips, knees, neck and shoulder. It also can lead to emotional stress, and physiological changes in the body. In order to avoid these problems, you must have proper foot support.

The arch is the most important part of the foot, which is where most of the support and balance of your feet lies. The arch of your foot varies in height, and as you age, this height can change. Proper foot support will help musculoskeletal issues, which causes inactivity or disability.

When looking for shoes that give proper support to your feet, you should refrain from wearing ill-fitting shoes.  If footwear is too tight, this can affect the body’s posture, stress, bone deformities, and other foot and back pain. Therefore, it is important that shoes fit well in order to avoid these complications.

Shoes to Consider:

  • Good heel and arch support
  • Have proper length and width for your feet

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