3D Printed Joints Could Offer Relief for Individuals with Osteoarthritis

3D Printed Joints Could Offer Relief for Individuals with Osteoarthritis

Deborah Cole ThomasDeborah Cole Thomas, a 60-year-old woman from Pennsylvania, has such severe osteoarthritis that she had to have one of her ankles replaced. Thankfully, a new hope for osteoarthritis patients has emerged in the form of research being conducted by cellular engineers at the University of Pittsburgh.

The scientists at Pittsburgh, led by professor Rocky S. Tuan, are developing a way to make artificial joints out of stem cells and scaffolding material and print them on 3D printers. They predict that these new joints would be better for arthritis patients like Deborah than traditional ones made out of metal or plastic would be. They also see the potential to use 3D-printed joints to repair injuries in wounded soldiers.

Arthritis can occur in many places in the body, but it’s especially hard to deal with in the lower extremities. If you have arthritis in your feet or ankles, make an appointment with podiatrist Dr. Donald C. Stran, DPM of Texas. Dr. Stran can give you a thorough examination and offer you comprehensive advice about how to treat your joint pain.

Arthritic Foot Care

In an average lifetime, we walk approximately 75,000 miles. This can put a great deal of stress on the 26 bones and 30 joints that we have in our feet. As we get older, our feet lose flexibility and elasticity. Our shock absorbers weaken, and if arthritis comes into play, the joints become inflamed and distorted. Arthritic foot care and treatment would become imperative at this point.

It is best to take care of your feet by wearing well-fitted shoes. Certain conditions may develop when you wear shoes that don’t fit properly, for example hammertoes, neuroma, and bunions. Wearing shoes that have a lower heel and extra room in the shoe can help your feet be comfortable. In cases of rheumatoid arthritis, the arch in your foot may become problematic. Buying shoes with arch support will help; it is also a good idea to buy shoes that contour to your foot.

Alleviating Arthritic Pain

  • Specific exercises may help; stretching the Achilles tendon can prevent further pain and injury. Stretching can also increase your mobility.
  • Most of the pain can be alleviated with anti-inflammatory drugs or heat

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