Overall Body Expansion Results in the Rise in Foot Size

Overall Body Expansion Results in the Rise in Foot Size

college of podiatryRetailers across the pond are calling the phenomenon Bigfoot Britain.

According to the College of Podiatry, our feet have been getting bigger.  Shoe sizes that would have been considered outliers and appear far into the upper echelon a few decades ago now fall in the normal range.  In short, yesterday’s Bigfoot is today’s average Joe.

To quantity this foot growth, averages for both men and women have increased by two sizes over the last forty years.  Scientists say that this is the natural result of a correlating trend of overall body expansion.  Over the years, better nutrition has lengthened the human frame, and poor eating choices have widened it.

An increasing foot size is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as feet aren’t forced into shoes that are too tight.  Wearing the wrong shoe size increases risks of hammertoes, bunions, and joint problems.  For help finding appropriate footwear, see podiatrist Dr. Donald C. Stran, DPM of Texas. Dr. Stran will show you how to properly measure your feet and attend to any other podiatric needs.

Getting the Right Shoe Size: How To Keep Your Feet Happy

Are your shoes the right size? Many people are walking around with ill-fitting shoes. Picking the right shoe size is not rocket science, but there are a few things to remember when selecting your next pair.

  • Make sure your toes are not cramped
  • Be able to wiggle your toes
  • There should be one inch between your toes and the shoe’s tip

Most shoe stores and department stores have rulers for measuring your feet, and these can give you an exact size. Be sure to measure with your shoe on. Measuring your foot will give you a different size than your shoe. If you do measure your foot size, you will need to add 1-2 inches to get the proper sizing.

If your shoes are not properly sized, you can experience:

  • foot pain
  • knee pain
  • blisters
  • swelling

Don’t assume that you will always wear the same size in a shoe. Often manufacturers size shoes differently.

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