Sever’s Disease puts Child of Reality TV Star in Hospital

Sever’s Disease puts Child of Reality TV Star in Hospital

Nicholas DubrowAfter complaining of heel pain, Nicholas Dubrow, son of The Real Housewives of Orange County star Heather Dubrow, was brought to the hospital. There Nicholas was diagnosed with a bone disorder characterized by inflammation of the growth plate in the back of the foot, or Sever’s disease. Nicholas’s visit was shared on Instagram by his mother, who captioned the pictures with, “Thank you SO much to our dear friend Dr. Scott Forman for taking care of Nicky!! #sever’sdisease #inflammationofthegrowthplate #castfortwoweeks.”

Heather is not unfamiliar with the hospital. After increasing the speed of a mechanical bull at a party for her co-star Tamra Barney, the fellow housewife was flung and brought to the hospital with a sprained arm.

Sever’s disease is a disorder that is known to affect many adolescents like Nicholas. If your child is complaining of heel pain, speak to Dr. Donald C. Stran, D.P.M. of Texas. Dr. Stran can assess your child’s pain and determine his or her condition.

Sever’s Disease

Sever’s disease is also known as calcaneal apophysitis, which is a medical condition that causes heel pain in one or both feet. The disease is known to affect children between the ages of 8 and 14.

Sever’s disease occurs when part of the child’s heel known as the growth plate (calcaneal epiphysis) is attached to the Achilles tendon. This area can suffer injury when the muscles and tendons of the growing foot do not keep pace with bone growth. Therefore, the constant pain which one experiences at the back of the heel will make the child unable to put any weight on the heel. The child is then forced to walk on their toes.

Toe gait develops in which the child must change the way they walk to avoid placing weight on the heel. This can lead to other problems as well in the future.


Acute pain – pain associated with Sever’s disease is usually felt in the heel when the child engages in physical activity such as walking, jumping and or running.

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