A Strong Core Ensures Strong Feet

A Strong Core Ensures Strong Feet

Stretching ExercisesJenn Sharp of The Starphoenix notes that because stretching may not deliver immediate relief or instant results, people are dissuaded from stretching as often as they should. Stretching strengthens core stabilizing muscles which is important since one of its primary functions is to absorb forces engaged in by the body.

Brad Spokes of Zone Sports Physiotherapy says “This can be anything from running on different types of terrain to mixing up cross training activities on your days off from running.” He also encourages runners to build strong core stabilizing muscles to enhance performance improvement and to lower prevalence of injury.

Stretching the feet can strengthen one’s muscles and reduce the probability of getting injured while exercising. To learn more about stretching the feet, call Dr. Donald C. Stran, D.P.M. of Texas. Dr. Stran can demonstrate proper stretching technique for you and answer any questions you might have.

Giving Your Feet the Stretch It Needs

Foot pain is very common for people. Our feet carry the entire weight of the human body all day and can be easily strained from overexertion. The feet can receive cramping which can be from any number causes. Pain in the feet can be alleviated without medication and or doctor visits.

How stretching helps:

Stretching relaxes the feet and eases pain whenever performed. It is important to perform stretching slowly and gradually with no force. Stretching should only be held for several seconds, and then relaxed.

Tips to Perfuming the Perfect Stretch:  

Sit and cross one leg over the other by pulling the toes carefully back without overextending. Start by resting the left ankle on the right knee. With the left hand, gently flex the left foot by pulling back on the toes. Do not pull too hard, just hard enough to feel the stretch in the arch of the foot. Then point the toes of the left foot as far as you can. Rotate the motion of pointing with pulling back on the toes.

The stretch should be performed 10 to 20 times, bring immediate relief. Repeat the whole process with the other leg.

The Achilles tendon should also receive an adequate amount of stretching.

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