Summer Vacation Tips for Healthy Feet

Summer Vacation Tips for Healthy Feet

Since summer usually means extended outdoor activity in the sun and heat, our feet may need a little extra attention. Showing off those summer toes in flimsy footwear might come with consequences. Here are a few tips to keep those feet from being beat and looking healthy and beautiful all summer long.

Moisturize cracked heels

Backless and unsupportive shoes can cause more stress on the fat pad of the heel. This, along with not wearing socks, can cause heels to crack. Superficial cracks should be moisturized daily with moisturizing treatment and an exfoliator. You can use a pumice stone in the shower 2 or 3 times a week to help keep those heels smooth.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 12.58.03 PMAir out sweaty feet

With the heat, odor and sweaty feet are hard to avoid. Try wearing socks that are of cotton and synthetic blend. The synthetic will act as a “wick” to keep away moisture from the skin. If your feet continue to sweat, try a drying foot powder or antiperspirant spray. Change your socks daily and keep dry in between toes.

Protect feet from blisters

A brand new pair of sandals often comes at the steep price of painful blisters. Avoid painful irritation that may lead to blister formation. Try keeping an extra product on hand (or foot!) a simple band-aid, moleskin or blister stick can do wonders. Also gel pads and anti-chafing lubricants may be applied. Larger blisters should be attended by your podiatrist. Remember to switch shoes whenever friction occurs.

Pay attention to nail care

Although getting a pedicure is relaxing, spa facilities are known to harbor a plethora of germs. Try to bring your own nail tools to the salon or give yourself a safe home pedicure instead. Every few weeks remove your color and give the nails a breather from harsh staining pigments found in some of the polishes. A clear bottom coat can also prevent your toenails from being stained by bright colors. Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 12.56.56 PM

Try a foot bath
After being on our feet all day, our feet may swell. Also, our feet may need relief from shoes that may become tight or restricted with ill-fitting straps. Try cool to lukewarm water, add peppermint oil, and Epsom salt. Soak your feet and let them relax. The cooler bath will reduce the end of the day swelling and refresh “tired” feet. Also at day’s end, remember to air out and elevate your legs and feet.

Avoid flip-flops

Over-wearing this summertime staple can cause stress fractures, heel pain and tendonitis, and can exacerbate hammertoes. Flip flops are not reliable shoes that should be worn from 8 in the morning to 8 at night. Reserve ultra thin shoes for the locker room or pool only. If you insist on wearing flop flops, look for a pair with a thicker sole and arch support; the more straps the better as that can reduce stress placed on the toes to grip the flip-flop.

Don’t go barefoot

As tempting as it is to walk around barefoot in the sand, it can also put you at increased risk of contracting viruses such as warts, fungus such as athlete’s foot or bacteria, which can cause a skin infection. Going barefoot also raises the risk of stepping in glass or getting a splinter. Lastly, hot sand or concrete can burn the bottom of your feet and make it quite painful to walk around.

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