8 Common Causes of Cramps


8 Common Causes of Cramps

8 Common Causes of Foot Cramps—What Can Be Done About Them?

Muscle spasms, or Charlie Horses as they’re often called, can cause terrible pain that can last for quite some time. The pain is sharp and can make it difficult for the person to walk. There are many people who deal regularly with these debilitating cramps. For them, finding relief is a high priority. In order to find a solution, it is best to first consider the most common causes of foot cramps.

8 Common Causes of Foot Cramps

The following can result in cramping of the foot and surrounding muscles.

1. Nutritional Deficiencies

Mineral deficiencies, particularly of magnesium, potassium and calcium are one of the main contributing causes of Charlie Horses.

Mineral supplements might be an option, but it is best to consult a physician before taking any supplements. Another option is to increase the consumption foods that are high in these minerals. Bananas, for instance, are high in potassium and are a common remedy.

2. Poor Blood Circulation

If blood isn’t circulating properly, the muscles won’t get the needed oxygen and nutrients. Anyone who suspects they may be dealing with foot cramps due to poor circulation should talk to their doctor as there may be a more serious underlying condition.

3. Dehydration

Water is the body’s natural lubricant. Inadequate water consumption can lead to numerous problems, one of the most common being spasms. People should try to drink the recommended amount of water each day: 8 glasses.

4. Pinched or Injured Nerves

Pinched nerves typically occur when there has been an injury. A sprained ankle, a broken toe or any other type of injury can contribute to lasting damage within the foot that can put pressure on the nerves. A doctor, chiropractor or physical therapist may be able to help.

5. Tight Muscles

Whenever muscles are contracted for too long, they eventually protest with a spasm. The best remedy is to stretch. Applying heat also helps relax the muscles and reduce the cramping.

6. Overexertion

People who run or walk for long distances can experience cramping due to overexertion. Periodic breaks, good-fitting shoes and regular stretching can help remedy the problem.

7. Ill-Fitting Shoes

Lack of circulation and irritated nerves due to pressure and crowding can cause a lot of pain. A person can talk to a podiatrist about getting orthopedic shoes. There are still some shoe stores where the staff is trained to take foot measurements to find the best fitting shoes in stock. Some of these stores can even make a mold of the person’s foot and design custom shoes.

8. Age

After age 50, muscles begin to lose their elasticity and bones start to lose calcium. Additionally, the nerves and veins of the body, including those within the feet, no longer function optimally. This combination can lead to foot cramps.

A person should discuss the situation with their doctor, who may recommend dietary changes, some supplementation, stretching and massage techniques.

Knowing the Common Causes of Foot Cramps Helps People Find Solutions

Considering the common causes of foot cramps is a vital in determining what steps can be taken to reduce the likelihood of foot cramps. Instead of blindly searching for a remedy, people dealing with these painful foot cramps will be able to shine a light on their condition.

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