Geriatric Foot Care

For many people,  geriatric aging brings on some mild issues with the feet. Sometimes, however, these issues can be symptoms of more critical medical problems. Your podiatrist can discern whether your foot condition reveals an underlying cause, like diabetes, poor circulation, nerve problems, or arthritis. So it is important for older adults to stay alert to any changes in their feet, and to get prompt medical attention.

To keep feet as healthy as possible, podiatrists recommend that older adults:

  • Examine their feet frequently
  • Prop up the feet when seated or reclined, and walk around, stretch, or massage them if you have been sitting for a while; these measures increase circulation to the feet
  • Bathe the feet daily in warm, soapy water
  • Buy footwear that fits properly, with support for your foot structure and without undue friction or pressure on your toes
  • Keep your feet from getting too cold
  • Avoid prolonged sitting, and do not cross your legs
  • Stop smoking, as it restricts circulation and can cause swelling

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