Peripheral Artery Disease

Sometimes called a “silent killer,” peripheral artery disease (PAD) is a narrowing of the arteries of the legs and feet, and it warns of serious cardiovascular problems. Sufferers often report no symptoms, or their symptoms are so mild that they do not seek medical treatment. But when constricted arteries prevent oxygen from flowing to the legs and feet, dangerous complications can arise, including debilitating pain, loss of limb, or even death.

Smoking is the greatest risk factor for PAD. Also at risk are those who have diabetes, hypertension or high cholesterol.

If you suffer any of the following symptoms, visit your doctor right away:

  • Pain in the leg when walking, but not at rest
  • Ulcers or sores on legs or feet
  • Cold or blue-tinted skin
  • Slower nail or hair growth in the affected limb

About half the time the disease causes no symptoms, so it is important to see your doctor regularly. Your podiatrist knows all the hidden signs of PAD, and our office has all the latest technologies to diagnose the condition

Treatment may include any of the following:

  • Smoking cessation
  • Managing hypertension, diabetes and cholesterol
  • Medication, including statins, ACE inhibitors, and cilostazol, to reduce clot formation
  • Regular exercise

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